Kirk Patrick Leather is a company leather shoulder holsters that, since 1950, is focused on manufacturing weapons covers, so that company is tremendously famous due to the fact its cowboy holsters are made out of the very best American leather, which makes them really resistant.

All its Firearms covers is designed to survive over time; nevertheless they truly are watertight since they are made to be used daily since they’re very useful to work with, especially for anyone cowboys who do hunting labour to possess swift and straightforward access for it once you’re at your own ranch.

Only our cowboy holsters are guaranteed to continue You over 10 years; our cosmetics products have been highly desired not only by professional hunters but also by athletes and ranchers, but we additionally give you additional services and products of excellent quality.

Each of those Products created at Kirk Patrick Leather is synonymous with durability, so which is why for more than 70 years; individuals have stayed available since the very best makers of the most lasting leather shoulder holsters.

All our products Made of leather, which therefore are made with the finest and finest tanned vegetable leather, making would make it very resistant towards the passing of time, our straps have in between 8 and 9 ounce of leather, therefore it is exactly the same one employed to make seats leather that lasts at least a hundred decades .

All our Beautiful scenarios, for example, crossdraw holsters, are leather lined and sewn with double sewing strengthening pressure points along with metal vases such as buckles, steel rivetsnickel and nickel, and supplying us additional elegance to our products that are exceptional.

We have many and Unique fashions of covers, belts, and saddles, acquiring some our services and products will make you like your expense for more than ten years, and certainly may continue being in tact over recent many years. You could also pick between models really classic to the most advanced and colorful according to a taste.