The companies in charge of the creation of adult content, should consider in the first instance when starting to have as an ally a security company to avoid the bad time of going through a piracy situation.
Both for its stars and personnel dedicated to this, it is a constant struggle to maintain the privacy and protection of what they do; at present, there are companies like these capable of avoiding all these types of complicated events in the hands of a hacker.
Many of these are dedicated to stealing content from pages that generate paid content that even have memberships; they use it in a way that they can resell it to other pages to accept pirated videos, or they carry out their own business,
That is why, to eliminate this definitively, some specialized companies have been created to attend to the needs of theft of confidential material. Many of these have been very successful, while others not so much. Your success will depend on the trained personnel you have to remove porn.
Many are the people who are dedicated to the creation of content and more at present, where there are even pages where you can sell your photos or private videos. They do not expect this unpleasant situation to happen to them that their content is taken without authorization, which He has to go to a company, specialized in these cases to delete porn.
It may also not be a famous person in this world; it may be that a very normal person is linked to annoying blackmail by a person with whom make a video or intimate photos, and needs to remove revenge porn for all this that is hurting you morally and more if you are being extorted, this is the best option.
For the porn removal, these systems have been created, which will make all the evidence disappear forever, and there will be no way that they will have it again. Because in addition to the total elimination, the service guarantees total monitoring for a set time, and the guarantee that it is evidence will not be able to be recovered again.